“Violette Fumée” (Smoked Violet).


Into his kind of coma, Derek Rose meets with persons who have left our world…Derek holds, as a symbol, a candelabra (Life light).


In the background of the garden, separated by a glass window, stands his lost friend, Ben, holding a candelabra as well.


They are both bringers of the light, the Holy Light, assuming the connection between the kingdom of the Dead and the world of the Alive…In the air, a delicious incense scent of "Violette Fumée" (Smoked Violet) occurs.


Circumvolutions of perfume flow in the room and draw poems of Love as a communication between the two worlds. At the same time, on the glass window covered by tears of regret, allegorical barrier between the 2 worlds, the letter M (for "Aime" - Love) appears symbolizing the Eternal Love, the Fidelity to Friendship and Love and the indestructible link, in spite of the physical separation, between the ones who still keep the blessed flame alive.


“Violette Fumée” was made of over 450 individual photographs.

Traditional Silver, Metallic Photography Paper. 

Suggested dimensions: 150 cm x 63 cm, 180 cm x 76 cm.


Artwork by Birdy Tg.

Print only.


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Smoked Violet

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