Purchasing Art - Digital vs Traditional

Did you know that on average, we spend 24 hours a week online?  That is twice as long as 10 years ago. This movement is the main reason why most businesses now have marketing strategies in place, and are forced to provide an online store to help fulfil their customers' needs.

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Prior to the digitalization of #art buying, the art culture was often seen as an exclusive community, only accessible to deep-pocketed collectors and investors.  Few artists were represented in the space and time allocated, and their art typically exceeded buyer’s budget.  Beginners and/or art lovers who are genuinely interested in art found themselves intimidated and unsure how to find quality work.  I know this, because this is how I once felt, as I am sure many of you have (and still do).  It seemed like the art community had built an elitist reputation that hurt its ability to naturally expand and sell artwork on a larger scale, that was, until recent years! 

[Visual display of Photography by Elisa Guerra]

Online Art Galleries offer a service, on a global scale, for both artists and buyers in a way that traditional galleries cannot. Now, an artist based in #Dubai can sell to a collector in New York. In the past, reaching New York and international markets was a struggle for all artists.

[Precision work by Glenn Olcerst on his beautiful piece "Snow Leopard"]

Today, however, rather than visiting a physical #gallery without insight into pricing or the artists they have on hand, you can visit a #curated online gallery and browse thousands of pieces with all the information you need on the artist involved.  You can take your time to learn, without expectations or pressure. There is a certain level of transparency that is enabled through online galleries that make buying a whole lot easier.

[Video taken of the completed "Snow Leopard" by Glenn Olcerst]

There will always be art patrons who have built relationships with gallery experts and who prefer to see the work in-person before spending thousands or even millions on an original piece, and I don’t blame them, but it is not completely unheard of. People nowadays spend tens of thousands in buying #luxury handbags, shoes, cosmetics, #designer watches, colognes and clothes, to name a few.  Why not invest in art too?

[Painting in progress by Johannes Wessmark]

To summarize, Online Art Galleries support the needs of a previously unrecognised market of artists and a new generation of art #buyers, by introducing in a more personal, accessible, and convenient way to acquire art.  Together they have been given a greater opportunity to ignite a real growth for original artwork. 

So we say, break the barriers and start building your very own art #collection today through online art galleries.

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