Glenn Olcerst

Glenn Olcerst pushes the boundaries of photography with a visual series that transforms our world and transports the viewer. Ordinary scenes are rendered ethereal, abstract textures and patterns become adventures for the eye. Glenn’s discoveries and innovative techniques have found broad appeal with individual collectors and commercial clients.


As a stone artist, Glenn Olcerst's mission is to create in ways that give otherwise cold stone an articulated life and form.


Using a self-taught and entirely unique process, Glenn does not cut the stone, but – working with his fingers centimeters from the blade - instead carves the stone into the required shape. It is a multi-step process: first a rough carve/cut of each piece; then a fine carve; next diamond wheel grinding and shaping; then polishing (a 10 step process); finally each piece is hand buttered with epoxy, glued to the piece next to it, and epoxy grouted to a custom welded steel frame. The end product is unlike anything on the market today. Viewers have described these works as "paintings in stone."

After canvassing the country for a year in search of self-taught artists who are producing noteworthy art, HGTV flew a film crew from Hollywood to do two segments on Glenn's stone art for a show entitled "Look What I Did." The work Glenn has created since that program aired is on an entirely new level. 

For more information about the pieces shown below, contact Martin Mari.

Stone Work

First Historic District

Snow Leopard

Fine Art Photography

Abstract Metal Print Artwork

Metal prints on aluminium are both an art and a science.

When you look at Glenn's prints, you are not simply seeing a printed picture; rather, you are seeing dyes sublimated and suspended at different depths in the coating on the surface of the aluminium, giving these prints such an unparalleled feeling of depth that will find you losing yourself in the image.

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