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Birdy Tg is a French artist, visual artist (photographer, painter, sculptor) and writer (novelist, essayist philosopher, poet). Passionate since a young age by Art in all its forms, it finishes his university course by scientific studies for which he obtains a Doctorate. A journey, unusual for an artist, leading to an atypical work. He defines himself, above all, as a storyteller and a humanist philosopher.

Among his various artistic skills, he always favors the one that allows him to express himself artistically with the most sincere emotion. Each discipline must be complementary to the other and, in no way, any repetition. So he refrains from using Visual Art as a simple illustration of his novels (and vice versa) and he willingly promotes allegory, thanks to which he can find the freedom to reinforce the purpose and to deepen the philosophical questioning. Birdy Tg particularly enjoys interdisciplinary symbiosis and synergy, relentlessly catalyzing his quest for a renewal of Global Art.

Art critics have described his work as conceptual, philosophical, narrative, allegorical, dreamlike, romantic, symbolic and dietetic. The artist most often questions human nature, its equivocal and dangerous border zones beyond which everything can suddenly switch, but also the human soul and its emotional imprints, as well as all the great mysteries of life to which man has always had to confront itself through History, Art, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Religion and Science.

For his visual creations, Birdy Tg uses Photography in an unconventional way. He uses photographic pixels as a painter works with his pigments and brushes on the canvas. Moreover, he never excludes concomitant use of drawing and painting.

Its artistic purpose is certainly to recreate the splendor and sharp sense of detail, the exuberance of clues and codes, which made the great days of classical painting, but in a very contemporary way, exploiting all modern technologies at its disposal, while regularly developing innovative approaches. If he fully masters all photographic techniques, he denies its sole purpose and considers them only as useful means to reach his paradigm.

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