Martin Mari represents some of the world’s leading artists, sculptors and fine art photographers, to bring quality and exclusivity to clients in our region.
You are invited to visit our Gallery, or alternatively to view more about the selected artists we are working with and to view their fantastic work, below.

Agneta E Hildén

Odd Realism Artist

Alessandro Ciarma

Illuminating Sculptor

Birdy Tg

Lyricism Artist

Carsten Dahl

Multi-talented Artist

Francine Pauly

Fine Art Abstract Macro Photographer

Gustavo Fernandes

Hyperrealistic Artist

Izabela Chamczyk

Visual Artist

Jacob Berghoef

Abstract Realistic Photographer

Javier Ruiz Lopez

Plastic Artist

Julio César Osorio

Expressionism Artist

Nazar "Noor" Haidri

Pointillism & Cubism Artist

Johannes Wessmark

Hyperrealism Artist

Olfa Jomaa

Mixed Medium Artist

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