About Us

We are Martin Mari Art Gallery based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Uniting collectors, designers and art lovers with beautiful works of art. We collaborate with some of the world’s most talented artists, sculptors and fine art photographers, to bring quality to clients in our region.

Working with exclusive art collectors and art lovers, private and commercial, around the world since 2018.  

You have the opportunity to view and purchase beautiful artworks, sculptures and fine art photography from our fantastic artists through our online platform. 

We offer our clients many options:

- Original paintings, photography and sculptures, private collections. 

- Commissioned Artwork, for that personal connection. 

- Public Art, so that the world can see. 

- Monumental Displays, to tell a story. 

- Commercial Package, when you can't decide, so you have them all. 

Meet Us

Want to find out more?

Make an appointment today to discuss your requirements. 

Martin Mari Art Gallery

Umm Suqeim Road, 

Al Barsha,

Dubai, UAE.

PO Box. 391186

Tel: +971 43836807

Email: info@martinmari.com

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